Our Company


SurFood is a Chilean company specialized in food products.
Surfood was founded in 2013, as a result of the synergy between profound knowledge of the Chilean market and expertise in international trade of its owners.


Offering better options of products, competitiveness and service to its customers, SurFood has become in just a few years one the main distributors of frozen and refrigerated products in Chile.
With dedication and effort always oriented towards customer satisfaction, Surfood has expanded its range of products and its presence throughout distribution channels in different parts of the country.

Surfood’s Headquarters are located in Santiago, and regional distribution centers are located in Talca, Concepción, Temuco, Osorno, Viña del Mar and Puerto Montt, bringing its customer access to food products from different parts of the world including beef, pork and chicken meats, French fries, frozen vegetables, cheeses, pulses, edible oils, etc…

Surfood’s customers consider us a real working partner, always attentive to their needs, adding value and widening options in all viable opportunities.
With its strength in international sourcing and logistics, the members of Surfood dedicate their best efforts to achieve the highest degree of compliance, satisfaction and growth of their customers.

Surfood is before anything else a human group in which each operator, manager, commercial, logistics and administrative officer contributes to the value of the organization, aware that the value chain is only as strong as every link in it.

SurFood still has a lot of room to grow in Chile… be it in terms of product range, geographic or distribution channels expansion, and it has what it takes.

branch offices


Capitalizing on its strengths and international experience, its own purchases and established commercial links for years, the SurFood TRADING division is dedicated to the purchase and sale of food products from multiple origins for Chile, and other destinations on 4 continents.

The synergies provide essential information on international markets trends, provide more alternatives, volume and competitiveness to all members of the chain.


  • International trade:  a source of knowledge and understanding of market trends which enables us to be more competitive for our customers.
  • Import – Food distribution: By listening to our customers, we seek to optimize and match their needs with external opportunities.
  • Warehousing and Processing: On-going development arising from the need to store a increasing volume of products, and to process certain products to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • Animal feed: A new activity that arose from the need of our clients and our ability to find creative solutions.


SurFood’s mission is to provide maximum value to its customers by responding to their needs in terms of product options, competitiveness and service, and be their first option as reliable supplier.


SurFood is committed to consolidate and extend its successful business model, into Chilean distribution channels and regions, developing brands for mass-sale products, and beyond borders to become a first-class regional player in its sector of activity.

our values

  • A given word is the highest commitment  
  • Good, lasting business is good for all parties
  • Our value chain is as solid as every of its links: we look after our allies
  • From commitment comes trust and loyalty
  • Lasting profit arises from the value provided
  • The exchange and collection of information is key to good decision-making: it is the basis of intelligent cooperation.
  • The value of the organization is in its people
  • Anticipate the market, capitalize on strengths, adapt and improve, ALWAYS.